Volume 8 Issue 2 - 2009

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119-122 Editorial: On remembering and forgetting in prevention
Graham Martin OAM
123-127 Guest Editorial: Mental wellbeing of older people: Making an economic case
Martin Knapp
128-134 Guest Editorial: Mental health promotion, Australian policy, and housing for people with mental illness
Samantha Battams
135-141 Two way approaches to Indigenous mental health training: Brief training in brief interventions
Tricia Nagel, Carolyn Thompson, Neil Spencer, Jenni Judd, Robyn Williams
142-154 Social capital and mental health among Indigenous Australians, New Australians and Other Australians living in a coastal region
Helen L Berry
155-164 The impact of traumatic brain injury on the mental health outcomes of individuals and their family carers
Jeffrey Chan, Trevor Parmenter, Roger Stancliffe
165-174 Investigating the strengths and difficulties of children from families with a parental mental illness
Darryl Maybery, Andrea Reupert, Melinda Goodyear, Rani Ritchie, Peter Brann
175-182 Fathers as informants of children's fears and worries
Marilyn Campbell, Linda Gilmore
183-193 Toward an understanding of how art making can facilitate mental health recovery
Theresa Van Lith, Patricia Fenner, Margot Schofield
194-203 Volunteering as a community mental health educator: Positives and negatives for recovery
Shelly Read, Debra J Rickwood

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Children of Parents with Mental Illness
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Indigenous Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
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